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Adirondack Log Lean-Tos

Log Lean-To kits

Our Log Lean-To kits are crafted with full round, natural White Pine or Spruce logs, meticulously coped to one another with saddle notched corners – Logs are also full scribe laterally making a beautiful fit.

Adirondack Log Lean-To Kits

Round Log Purlin roof system with side overhangs of roughly 24 inches beyond centers of log walls – Timber floor joists mortised into the Decon log and first backlog, with 2 inch rough sawn flooring – Interior floor space is roughly 8′ deep by 12′ (center to center of log work) with a 48 inch cantilevered front overhang. Lean-To will be pre-built here at our shop, marked & numbers for reassembly. Kit will include fasteners for logs, and 6/4X8 rough sawn roof sheathing.

We also offer a milleed kit option. Although not as “Authentic” as the full round, full scribed kits, they are still a very nice option. Logs are milled flat top and bottom with butt and pass corners. Log Purlins are still round and scribe fit into their locations. All dimensions are the same as the full round log kits.

We can also build all kits to custom sizes

We offer delivery and install for our kits but quite often customers prefer to just have the kits delivered and they install them with family and friends. These kits make a great do it yourself backyard projects. Customers can also pick the kits up here at our shop with their own truck and trailer if they wish.

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